Orphan BlackThe final season of "Orphan Black" looks like it's going to be a non-stop, action-packed thriller from start to finish.

The BBC America drama posted a 20-minute Facebook Live video offering a sneak peek at production on the season 5 premiere episode. The crew is filming a scene featuring Emmy-winning star Tatiana Maslany as Helena, running through the woods, making some kind of bird call, and biting a rabbit:

Last we saw the clones in the season 4 finale, Rachel had gone full-on evil again, taken over Neolution, and fought violently with Sarah, who managed to escape but was critically wounded. Meanwhile, across the island, a very ill Cosima was reunited with scientist lover Delphine. She has a batch of clone cells, but so does Rachel.

Along with the video, BBC America announced new cast members for "Orphan Black." Stephen McHattie joins as Neolution's 170-year old founder, P.T. Westmoreland; Elyse Levesque plays Detective Engers, a dirty Neolution detective; Andrew Moodie is Mr. Frontenac, Rachel's new consultant; Simu Liu is Mr. Mitchell, Kira's teacher; and Jenessa Grant is Mud, an "eclectic young islander."

The final season is set to premiere in spring 2017.

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