APTOPI<a href="Inferno" was almost too perfect a title. If you head out to see the movie this weekend, keep an eye out for a car chase scene where -- in another take -- Felicity Jones accidentally drove Tom Hanks into a wall. Oops!

The Ron Howard film shot in Italy, and the narrow Italian streets were almost the death of our hero, as Jones explained in her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"It was my first time driving an A-list movie star and nearly killing him," Jones said. He character, Sienna Brooks, was at the wheel, with Hanks's Robert Langdon next to her. She had to drive out of a parking lot/"car park," and that's where the trouble happened:

"So then we were coming out, and there's quite a sharp corner, and the Italian streets are pretty tiny. And for some reason my character had the most enormous car they could find. So just as I was very coolly trying to turn this corner and I was staying in line as I was turning it, I basically bashed the entire side of the car with Tom into the wall. It was nearly sort of game over. But luckily he's very cool."

Kimmel wanted to know if they charged her for that, and took it out of her pay. "Yeah," Jones joked, "I mean they did say 'That's it. Job's over, you're going back to England.'" Not really, though, which is another reason why being a movie star is such an awesome gig. Where else can you play human bumper cars with the likes of Tom Hanks and walk away scot-free? (Plus, she got to negotiate the best contract for this film.)

Here's that clip from Felicity Jones, plus another video, where she gives Kimmel his own Jyn Erso toy from "Star Wars: Rogue One":

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