AMC Emmy After Party 2011This time around, Matthew Weiner has no shortage of network suitors.

Sixteen years ago, Weiner shopped his pilot script for "Mad Men" to HBO and Showtime, but both networks passed. Years passed before AMC finally picked it up.

Now — after "Mad Men" won 16 Emmys and five Golden Globes — Weiner is ready to make his second series, and six entities engaged in a heated bidding war for the project, according to Deadline. The lucky winner was the Weinstein Company and Amazon, which will pay $70 million for the eight-episode series.

Weiner won't be returning to the '60s for his new project. Instead, Deadline reports it will be an anthology series (all the rage right now) set in the present day and in locations around the world. He will write and executive produce, as well as direct about half of the episodes.

That's a huge chunk of change for a television series, but Weiner's track record speaks for itself. "Mad Men" made AMC a player in prestige scripted series, won boatloads of awards, garnered heaps of critical acclaim, and became a pop culture phenomenon.

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