"What door?" is HBO's new "Hold the door."

"Westworld" Season 1 confirmed one of the many theories out there in Episode 7, "Trompe L'Oeil," whose trick of the eye title was put to good use on Bernard Lowe. However, actor Jeffrey Wright warned that no fans out there are 100 percent correct in their theories, so don't gloat too hard yet.

Toward the end of the November 13 episode, in a showdown orchestrated by mad genius Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins), Bernard led Theresa Cullen (Sidse Babett Knudsen) into a secret section of Ford's old family home in the park. They went through a room Bernard couldn't see on his own ("what door?") so Ford could have Theresa stumble on plans that showed Bernard is a host, like Dolores, Maeve, and the others. Bernard was shown to be (not free) under Ford's control, and the end scene showed Ford turn his back as Bernard was used as an assassin to kill his former lover.Many fans suspected Bernard was a host, despite his own memories of his late son. Those memories, a dream, started the episode, and maybe threw more fans off the scent before the big reveal.

Jeffrey Wright talked more about the reveal to Entertainment Weekly. He agreed that Bernard being a host wasn't an out-of-left-field shocker, it made sense. "It's woven into the logic behind the relationship of the characters and it's not done for any shock value. There are very specific reasons why he is synthetic. If fans weren't at all aware, or didn't have any suspicions, that would have been a disservice to them and undermine the quality of storytelling. But I will think they will be surprised and pleased by how it's revealed." We didn't get to see Bernard react to what happened, and EW asked if that's ahead. "Let's see where we go. What clearly is also revealed is the extent of Ford's power — his creativity and his malevolence. What we'll further explore is his intent."

And here's the part on more theories:

Did you have any theories about the show along the way while making the series that turned out to be wrong?

Oh yeah. Lisa and [showrunner Jonathan Nolan] are light years ahead of all of us. Much like the fans, we had theories about where the show was heading and how certain things would be resolved and none of us batted 1.000 on that — and should say that there are no fans out there who are batting 1.000 either.

Interesting, so you've been keeping half an eye on the fan theories?

Yeah, sure, it's great storytelling.

Wright also said he thinks "fans will be gratified" by what's ahead, whether they guess what's coming or not. So keep that in mind. There are 10 episodes to Season 1, with "Westworld" Season 1, Episode 8, "Trade Decay" airing next Sunday, November 20 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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