Before I Fall"Regardless of what I do or say, the day starts and ends the same," Zoey Deutch sighs in the trailer for "Before I Fall," a darker, teen version of "Groundhog's Day."

Deutch's Samantha Kingston is stuck in a time loop, but unlike "Groundhog's Day," this is no joke. She's a "perfect" teen who's about to finish high school, and on this day, she and her friends attend a party. Afterward, driving home, they all get into an accident and die. Like Bill Murray does in "Groundhog's Day," or Tom Cruise in "Edge of Tomorrow," Samantha has to repeat the day over and over until she is able to change the outcome. In the course of doing that, she discovers that her life may not be so perfect after all.The movie is based on the popular young adult novel by Lauren Oliver, and the adaptation looks like it should appeal to both fans of the book and moviegoers who want to see a solid teen movie with a twist.

"Before I Fall" opens in theaters March 3.

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