Warning: Spoilers ahead from "Game of Thrones" Season 7.

Even good news come with a catch on "Game of Thrones." Season 7 is now filming, and previous set reports had hinted to a Stark family reunion. Watchers on the Wall confirmed a reunion between three Stark siblings -- Sansa, Arya, and Bran -- but also shared some trouble in that paradise, specifically between sisters Arya and Sansa. However, WotW also put to rest a different rumor/theory/spoiler about Sansa:

"If any in our readership believed a certain insistent rumor, the following may be a relief to hear: Sansa will NOT be (or get) pregnant in season seven."

So no worries about Sansa carrying Ramsay's baby or anything. GoT is creepy AF sometimes, but at least they're not going to go there.Back to Sansa and Arya. Here's what WotW wrote about the Stark family reunion and sister clash:

"Our sources reveal the three Stark siblings will reunite —That is: Sansa, Arya and Bran. Just as I'm sure we're all itching to witness, it will all be quite happy and emotional... For a while. There will be conflict between Sansa and Arya. Their life experiences have been poles apart since they last saw each other: Arya always had a more rigid moral code, and though the Faceless Men tried to stifle it, instead they strengthened it; Meanwhile, Sansa has learnt to be more pragmatic —The treacheries of the court and Littlefinger's realpolitik lessons left their mark on her. Having developed very different perspectives, Sansa and Arya will clash over the matter of ruling. Sharing their experiences would help them sympathize and understand each other... Yet they won't, at least not initially. Upon noticing this sisterly split, Littlefinger will jump at the chance to take advantage."

Of course he will. Littlefinger lives for that sh*t.Sadly, it makes sense that Sansa and Arya would eventually clash, after the reunion buzz wore off, because they are very different, very strong-willed women who have always clashed. It would be more surprising to hear that they suddenly agreed on everything. (It would be so great for them to team up, though: The two badass Stark sisters, side by side, kicking arse and taking names.)

The last time they saw each other was in Season 1, and so much has happened to change both of them. The Season 6 finale saw Arya Stark return to Westeros, and her first stop was not "home" at Winterfell -- she immediately sought vengeance in a very creative fashion by feeding Walder Frey his own children. That's hardcore. And that's who Arya is now. Meanwhile, Sansa has been spending a lot of time with Littlefinger, learning his more subtle manipulative way of doing things (remember Dark Sansa?) and even though she claims not to trust him, she can't quite shake his influence.

Maybe Arya will just end up adding Littlefinger to her list?

There's no word on what Bran thinks, or how King Jon fits into all of this "ruling" talk. (We're really looking forward to Jon and Arya's reunion.)

There are so many spoilers out there right now it's overwhelming (someone even reportedly leaked the entire season, which the Sansa/Arya spoilers could fit into), and we won't know the truth until Season 7 airs next summer, but head to WotW if you want to read more and attempt to piece it all together.

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