This week, "The Walking Dead" Season 7 is finally going to show us what happened to Tara (Alanna Masterson) -- just in time for her to almost be killed by a little girl in a new all-female community. Oops! Episode 5, "Swear," will also take us to the coast, which would've made T-Dog happy. That was always his suggestion, but no one listened. Except us. We listened, man.

The November 27 episode synopsis reads, "Someone stumbles upon a brand new society unlike anything seen before." Sounds like Tara's new Oceanside friends/enemies.

"Swear" follows Tara and Heath (but mostly Tara, it seems), whom we haven't seen since partway through the second half of Season 6. They went on a two-week supply run and are now even further behind on the plot than all those people who quit the show after the Season 7 premiere. Tara doesn't even know her lady love Denise is dead.

In first sneak peek, Tara and Heath (Corey Hawkins) are seeing arguing over whether they should return to Alexandria, despite not having much to show for it. Tara argues that they needed more ammunition, which is ironic to viewers since we know that Alexandria is now nearly gun-free in the Negan era.

At some point, Tara ends up washed up on a beach. She's solo (where's Heath?) and mistaken for dead by a little girl who loves to kill walkers. (Lizzie would be appalled.) AMC shared a glimpse of the newbies in the "Talking Dead" sneak peek:

Who the heck are they? The Spoiling Dead Fans shared answers on the characters and actresses, plus hints on their future importance:

The Oceanside community isn't meant to be that far from Alexandria, just along East Coast in the Virginia/Maryland area, although TWD films in Georgia. Oceanside isn't even visited in the comic book until way in the future, after All Out War, so it's interesting if The Powers That Be are planting seeds now, introducing that community early.

TSDF described the group as "made up of a fierce group of women who have dealt with significant loss within their community." A fan asked if the group was aware of Negan, and TSDF replied, "All of their men were killed by the Saviors. So they are familiar with Negan, although they don't directly mention him." The Oceanside of the comic isn't strictly female, so this may be some kind of remix. When someone who read the comics was confused about Oceanside, since it's after All Out War, TSDF replied, "Right now they're just a fringe group. In a later episode it will become clearer what importance they have to the story."

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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