Maybe this is the next level of the "Westworld" maze:"The Late Show" that he can do a sweet McConaughey impression.

On HBO, Marsden plays gunslinger Teddy, who is basically the "Westworld" answer to Kenny in "South Park." He keeps getting killed off and brought back for more torture. But apparently even on the "Westworld" set he can get confused with other actors.

While talking to Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, Marsden described some experiences he's had with fans. Marsden said half of people tend to recognize him, and the other half think he's somebody else. He had a recent experience on a plane, where someone asked "Are you real?" -- so we know that person was a "Westworld" viewer and got it right -- but then Marsden described an encounter on the HBO show's set where a crew member got it wrong.

This crew guy pulled Marsden aside during the shoot, explaining how it had become a family tradition for him to watch Marsden's films, including with his son.

Marsden, quoting crew guy: "When I was a boy, I read the comics, and I watched the TV show with my father."

Colbert was thinking this was about the "X-Men" franchise, and Marsden (who plays Scott Summers/Cyclops) probably thought the same.

Marsden, as crew guy, continued: "It was a tradition that we had. And I now have a son and I do the same thing with your films. It's a part of my household, it's a tradition in my family that I cherish. Thank you for being a part of that. And God bless Captain Kirk."

The audience laughed.

Marsden: "I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't Chris Pine."

Colbert: "Or he thought you were William Shatner."

The maze is that deep! Since Marsden didn't tell the crew guy the truth, that guy may still be out there, telling people that he worked with Captain Kirk.

Watch the full interview to see Marsden's high school photo (vs. Stephen's best photo from high school) and hear his secret to a strong McConaughey impression.

Does that look like anything to you? When you bring yourself back online after Thanksgiving, watch "Westworld" Sunday on HBO at 9 p.m.

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