The winter holidays are upon us, so now is the time for making-merry. For Screen Junkies, that means pointing out just how bizarre the 1964 Christmas special "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is.

The latest video in the Honest Trailers series takes on the stop-motion animated holiday classic by singing the famous Christmas carol as "if it were honest about what actually happens in the film." The narrator tries to stop the singers from turning the beloved story into "'Lord of the Rings' for kids on acid," but there's no stopping them. Through the new version of the song, we revisit Rudolph's journey into "exile."

The trailer brings us through the entirety of the hour-long special in about two minutes, but it fits in the highlights -- and lowlights. The moral of the story suddenly seems a lot less festive, as seen through the eyes of Honest Trailers. At least the song is still catchy.