CAN'T WAIT! Podcast Ep. 6 - Best Holiday Movies, Star Wars Hot TakesThis week on "CAN'T WAIT!", Tim Hayne, Tony Maccio, Rachel Horner, and Phil Pirrello chat a bit about Netflix's new offline-viewing capability (pay us, Netflix!) and nerd out over the "Alien: Covenant" post and release date change. Tony makes the mistake of mentioning "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," which sends Phil and Rachel into a hot take-fueled tailspin. As a result, Tim feels left out and uncomfortable, while Tony sits alone in his regret.

After an awkward segue, the conversation turns to holiday movies. Yay! We discuss our all-time favorite holiday flicks -- some traditional and some not-so-traditional -- with a few controversial picks in the mix. In the end, Tim reveals his Hallmark movie-loving inner 80-year-old, Rachel re-commits to "Grinch"-mas, Phil makes a startling Peanuts-related confession, and Tony just wants everyone to have a "White Christmas."

At the end of the podcast, Tim, Phil, Rachel, and Tony play Secret Santa, with each picking a name out of a hat. The Secret Santas then will gift (more like assign) a holiday movie to the giftee, who will watch it in preparation for the next episode. Be sure to tune in next time, when those picks -- and more hot takes -- will be revealed.

CAN'T WAIT! A Movie Lover's Podcast Episode 6

Here's the rundown:

  • Intro: 0:00 - 0:27

  • News: 0:27 - 11:16

  • Best holiday movies: 11:16 - 35:40

  • Announcements, housekeeping, and Secret Santa: 35:40 - 38:11

Total runtime: 38:11

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