Is "Gilmore Girls" really "Gilmore Girls" without Carole King's theme song intro? The Netflix revival "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" gave a cameo to Carole King herself, but ditched the musical opening, only bringing back "Where You Lead" for the end credits of "Fall." It just wasn't the same.

But don't cry into your popcorn bowl just yet, 'cause a YouTuber named "rose tyler" created a new intro, reviving King's "Where You Lead" and setting it to images from the four-part return:Thank you! Yes, that should've played before each episode. It's not the only complaint fans have had about the Netflix revival, but it's the first one many voiced -- since fans expected That Song to welcome them back to Stars Hollow. Where it leads, we follow!

Music has always been a big part of "Gilmore Girls"; Sam Phillips talked to the L.A. Times about creating "strange little micro songs" for the revival, also answering the question, "What came first: your score or the decision to use Carole King's song for the theme song?" Here's her answer:

"When I first met with Amy [Sherman-Palladino], she told me straight up that she asked Carole King to be her composer, and Carole said, 'You can use my song. I'll do the theme song, but I'm not going to do the score.' Normally, I think people would say, 'Oh, wow. I'm so offended. I'm the second choice.' I felt very honored to be the second choice, because Carole is such an amazing writer and musician. I love the time that she was working in, during the Wrecking Crew, and all of that. Some of the greatest musicians played on her songs and were playing in that era. I think we all kind of have a little sweet tooth for that kind of pop music — that and maybe some Harry Nilsson influence, which all showed up in the 'Gilmore' score. 'Hey, will you do this because Carole King doesn't want to?' I said, 'Yes. I don't know how to do it but, yes, I would love to do it. Let's try this.'"

Maybe if Netflix does bring us back to Stars Hollow, we can have both a musical score and that theme song intro.

[via: Cosmopolitan]

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