It's hard to imagine "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to talk about "La La Land" -- and teach Kimmel how to Waltz in a sweetly intimate dance lesson -- and the actor warned the 2017 Oscars host to not make the same mistakes of the 2016 Academy Awards.

Ryan Gosling: "One thing I want to tell you, though, is just make sure you have the right people backstage when you get off from giving your monologue."

Jimmy Kimmel: "You mean like security people?"

Gosling: "No, like last year when Chris Rock hosted, you know, he came off after his monologue, and I think who you want to see in that moment is a friend, or somebody that you know. But instead he saw me. 'Cause I was presenting next. But the disappointment in his eyes that it was me that he saw was palpable. And I didn't hear the monologue, 'cause I was traveling through the bowels of the building while it was happening, so I didn't want to just say -- I didn't know what to say!"

Gosling said they just stared at each other in an awkward moment, until Dave Chappelle swooped in from behind Gosling, pushed him aside, and saved them both from this "awful situation."So Gosling told Kimmel to make sure he has his own family members or friends there to greet him backstage after his 2017 Oscars monologue.

Watch the whole talk:Now watch the Waltz lesson. Gosling takes it seriously, insisting Kimmel look at him when they dance, 'cause he wants to feel like the only one in the room. It's kinda hot.If all else fails, Gosling would have a great future as a "Dancing With the Stars" pro.

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