Winter is literally coming Dec. 21, but things get really good the day after Christmas. That's when HBO is launching its "Game of Thrones" marathon -- airing "A Season a Day" from Dec. 26-31, starting at noon each day to cover the first six seasons. (Season 7 is now filming. It gets to join this fun next year.)

Here's the official marathon tease:The GoT Twitter account also has the marathon on heavy promotion:

Most of us have seen every episode by now, and can either watch them again through our own copies or on DVR, On Demand, HBO GO, whatever. But TV marathons are special bonding experiences for the entire fandom (those who get HBO2, anyway), since we can tweet together as a GoT family.

And since this marathon starts the day after Christmas, you may be tired of your real family by then, and ready to ditch them for your Westeros crew.

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