In case you forgot (or chose to block this fact from your consciousness), there is an "Emoji Movie" coming out and the first teaser trailer hit Facebook today. And it's literally "Meh."

The vertical trailer is meant to be viewed on a mobile phone and features the "Meh" emoji. The dour guy apathetically tries to promote the film. "It's almost too thrilling for words," grumbles Mel Meh (Steven Wright). "The Emoji Movie" centers around an emoji named Gene (T.J. Miller), who's an outcast because he can display more than one emotion. He teams up with Hi-5 and the codebreaker Jailbreak to embark on an adventure through the apps on a teen's phone, including Candy Crush, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

"The Emoji Movie" opens in theaters August 4.

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