Etiquette tip: When they have to pee, let them be!

"The Graham Norton Show" and the topic of fan encounters came up. Freeman said he can tell immediately, just by looking at fans, what they'll know him from. He said -- with respect to anyone this might not apply to -- that if a female between 16-25 approaches him, it's usually for "Sherlock." Young women in the audience cheered, essentially confirming it. He apparently has very different experiences with fans of "The Office," which he relayed later in the chat.

Norton asked the group to name the oddest places they had been recognized. For Will Smith, it was in a village in Mozambique. Helen Mirren said, for her, it's most awkward when fans approach her when she's in line for the bathroom.

"When you get recognized in a queue for the toilet ... that is not an easy place to be recognized because you're stuck." She noted that women's bathroom lines tend to be long, and you feel compelled to talk to people as you stand there slowly moving forward. And then word spreads that Helen Mirren is in line, and people whisper. "Knowing everybody is going to be listening once you're in there is mortifying," she added.

Smith jumped in on that: "For men, it's bad if you get recognized at the urinal."

Freeman had a story on that front, and that's where things got really good:

"That happened to me. I was at a gig years ago. I was at the urinal. And there were two guys and they both clocked me. I think this is from 'The Office' days. They both clocked me and looked at each other and went, 'Has he got a big one?'"

Graham Norton's assessment: "Women are lucky."

Truth. And apparently no one recognizes Naomie Harris at all, so she doesn't even have problems in line for the bathroom.

Watch the whole interview, it's great:Smith, Mirren, and Harris are all in the new movie "Collateral Beauty," and Freeman is in the new season of "Sherlock," starting January 1 on PBS.

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