In the magical musical opening to the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, Eleven of "Stranger Things" rapped; Jon Snow was revived again -- and sang; Ryan Reynolds channeled Ryan Gosling of "La La Land"; Justin Timberlake gave his BFF Jimmy Fallon a pre-monologue pep talk -- *and* -- Barb came back to life.

Twitter especially loved seeing Barb again, with "Stranger Things" fans immediately trending BARB IS STILL ALIVE:

Host Jimmy Fallon's big opening number honored major nominee "La La Land" -- and that went as planned. But then immediately afterward the teleprompter apparently went out and Fallon was forced to improvise.

Shortly afterward, he got back on track -- and later referenced Mariah Carey's New Year's snafu by blaming Dick Clark Productions for sabotaging the teleprompter.

In his monologue, Fallon joked about the popular vote, chatted with Ryan Gosling, impersonated Chris Rock, compared Donald Trump to King Joffrey of "Game of Thrones," bashed more of 2016, specifically bashed "Batman v. Superman" (via a Matt & Ben joke), and threw in a quip about Putin.

All in all, it was a very Fallon monologue -- breezy and uncontroversial. He knew his audience, and played to them.

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