"Ryan Gosling didn't learn piano from scratch so some little prick could come and nitpick!"

It is dangerous to shade "La La Land" and its "City of Stars," as Aziz Ansari learned on "Saturday Night Live." Ansari hosted SNL on January 21 (man, was he good) and one sketch focused on the, um, passionate responses to presumed Oscar frontrunner "La La Land."

In "La La Land Interrogation," Ansari's character was arrested for offering mild criticism of the movie during a date; Cecily Strong and Beck Bennett played two cops hilariously incensed with their "sick sonofab*tch" suspect for dismissing the "perfect" and "gorgeous" musical just because it had so many montages and it's a movie about jazz with hardly any black people.

"Moonlight," "Manchester by the Sea," and "Westworld" got dragged into the debate as well, as you can see:
The Oscar nominations come out tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Jan. 24) and those cops will probably produce a photo of an Academy Award as more evidence that "La La Land" is not overrated.

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