Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United StatesInauguration Day has come and gone, but there's one gem that you might still need to see.

Bad Lip Reading has given the events of Jan. 20, 2017 a new spin, starting from when the Trumps arrived at the White House to when Donald Trump took the oath of office and beyond. Since the cameras couldn't catch all of the words that were exchanged that day, the new video oh-so-helpfully fills in the blanks. It even reveals the contents of Melania Trump's gift to Michelle Obama.

Some of the lip reads are pretty absurd and nonsensical, but some are exactly what you'd imagine the then-president-elect and President Barack Obama at least wanting to say to one another. Historically accurate or not (emphasis on not), the video is a small step toward making America great again.

Watch below to see what was said on Inauguration Day ... you know, based on some "alternative facts."

[via: Bad Lip Reading/YouTube]