Patrick Swayze as Dalton in the greatest movie ever made, ROAD HOUSEGratuitous nudity. Cheesy lines. High-waisted pants. Bonkers violence. More high-waisted pants. Yes, we're talking about 1989's impactful ode to coolers, "Road House." #BouncerLife

This week, the Moviefone crew (Tim Hayne, Rachel Horner, Phil Pirrello, and Tony Maccio) couldn't wait to talk about the greatest Patrick Swayze movie ever released on May 19, 1989, including its mysterious bouncer subculture roots, nonsensical fight sequences, and the curious, crime-riddled town of Jasper, MO (which could be a real town, because it has a sign and everything; and it doesn't look anything like southern California). The movie has a lot of issues, most of which we point out in the process of declaring our love for this R-rate piece of '80s perfection.

In addition to unsolicited medical diagnoses, we dreamcast a "Road House" reboot, which could (and does) go in some pretty unexpected directions. Not interested in "Road House"? Fair enough. For you, we offer up a few recommendations to get you through the weekend.

Next week's movie is a Tim Hayne pick: the 1992 Curtis Hanson masterpiece "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle."

Listen to CAN'T WAIT! A Movie Lover's Podcast Episode 11: 'Road House'Total runtime: 1:06:40

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