Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences 43rd Student Academy AwardsThe "Murder on the Orient Express" cast won't stop trying to get answers from Daisy Ridley about the upcoming "Star Wars" film, "Episode VIII -- The Last Jedi."

First, it was just co-star Josh Gad, who has made his interrogations of Ridley a running joke by uploading videos of his failed attempts to get her to spill "Star Wars" secrets. Now, he has pulled out the big guns; he got Dame Judi Dench in on the action.

The duo set Ridley up for a surprise interrogation, catching her alone in a trailer where Dench was waiting. The veteran actress covered several burning questions all fans have, including, "Are you the last Jedi?" and "What's the deal with Reylo?"

Don't get too excited. Ridley can't exactly go around spoiling the movie, of course. Still, it's fun to watch Dench try to crack her.

"Murder on the Orient Express" is due out on Nov. 22, and "The Last Jedi" will follow on Dec. 15.

[h/t: Variety]

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