ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' - Season ThirteenAlex Karvev has had more chaos in his life than most, if not all, doctors at Grey Sloan lately, and on "Grey's Anatomy," that's really saying something.

Fortunately for Alex (Justin Chambers), he finally caught a break in last week's episode. Yet, although he's home from jail, his relationship status with Jo (Camila Luddington) is still a big question mark -- at least for now. Chambers seemed to hint at a reconciliation in a recent interview with Variety.

"They're not together right now, but we'll see where that goes," Chambers said. "He's still angry with her, but if anyone knows anything about second chances, it's Alex."

The fact that she's still married was a big shock to him, but a secret spouse isn't necessarily a deal-breaker on "Grey's Anatomy." Just think back to the early days -- Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) eventually got over Derek (Patrick Dempsey) having an estranged wife when they initially got together.

In spite of his anger, Alex cares about Jo. "Love just doesn't die like that," Chambers said.

Fans have been speculating on a possible bundle of joy in the two characters' future, so perhaps that will speed their reconciliation along. Either way, it's been a rough ride for Alex, not just this season but over the years, so Chamber hopes to see his character get some much-deserved "stability" soon.

[via: Variety]