Celebrate Valentine's Day with one of Marvel's most lovable couples: Thor and Darryl.

Everything Marvel touches turns to gold, including Thor's absurd buddy comedy digital shorts, inserted into the bonus features of other people's movies. You must recall the first "Team Thor" video Marvel released last summer for the bonus features of "Captain America: Civil War," revealing why Chris Hemsworth's alter ego was not in "Civil War." That video introduced Thor's new Australian roommate Darryl, and "Team Thor: Part 2" continues the story, just in time for the Tuesday, Feb. 14 digital release of "Doctor Strange."

The clip is just over a minute long, simply adding another hilarious scene between the odd couple.

Thor to Darryl: "The brain is a muscle. [points to right biceps] And that's a muscle. [points to left biceps] And that's a muscle. [points to chest and abs] And they are all muscles. This is all muscle. So I am covered in brains. And I have more brains than you."

They really are a lovely pair. (Jane, who?) Here's the synopsis Marvel shared with the video:

"Rogers & Barnes. Stark & Rhodes. Thor & Darryl. See all of Team Thor: Part 2 when you bring home Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange on Digital HD TODAY."

If you've seen "Doctor Strange," you know Thor had a scene with Benedict Cumberbatch's doc at the very end, teasing more to come from both in "Thor: Ragnarok." Here are more details on the "Doctor Strange" digital and upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release. "Thor: Ragnarok" is coming out in theaters November 3.

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