48th NAACP Image Awards -  ArrivalsThe "This Is Us" cast has important things to talk about ... like Milo Ventimiglia's facial hair.

After showing off a '70s-style mustache as Jack Pearson on the hit NBC series, Ventimiglia decided to go clean-shaven again. His decision surprised fans and co-stars alike. In fact, Mandy Moore, who plays his onscreen wife, told PeopleStyle that they've all been texting about it.

"We have like a gigantic cast text chain, and we're like, Who is that young man?!" Moore said. "My first reaction was, like, I don't know that person! That is not my husband, that is not the person I fell in love with!"

Even though some of his co-workers may barely have recognized him, the look isn't so unfamiliar. Ventimiglia spent years playing Jess on "Gilmore Girls" with a mustache-free face. His new (old) look might take some getting used, but we bet that everyone will soon be too distracted by Jack's dramatic story again to care about his dearly departed mustache.

"This Is Us" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

[via: People]

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