SKOREA-ENTERTAINMENT-MOVIE-AVENGERSGuys, this is why we have the Internet. We finally discovered its use: Pulling up old, forgotten photos that seemed innocuous at the time, and revealing their overlooked (R-rated) hilarity.

Case in point: Yesterday, radio host/film critic Jamie East tweeted out an a photo of Robert Downey Jr. and friends. As Buzzfeed noted, the image is dated May 24, 2009, and shows RDJ at a beach house in Malibu with his wife Susan, along with Kristin Cavallari, and friends.

The photo looks like a typical paparazzi snap, and it's not just interesting because RDJ was hanging out with someone from "The Hills." The five humans are not the show ... unless you count the legs to the right:

Bwahahahha! Since Jamie East asked the obvious question, fans have been responding with super dirty, super pun-ny, so very wrong, NSFW replies:

The question is never really answered. Still no idea what the dog was actually doing -- other than providing Twitter with another blissfully sophomoric distraction.

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