UPDATE: Despite reports of a post-credits scene, fans didn't find one at the end of "Logan." They did, however, find a pre-film "Deadpool 2" teaser, so maybe that's the three minutes added to the length and they just moved it to the start of the film instead of the end. Director James Mangold told the Toronto Sun, "The only way we came out with a different movie was trying to do it differently. So I was pretty fanatical about saying, 'If this is how these other movies are doing it, we're going the other way.' If there's normally a cameo or an end-credit scene, we're not doing that. That's essentially turning it into a product that has to come out of the widget machine the same way every time and that's not how the best movies are going to get made... in any genre."

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Please just say the "Logan" post-credits scene is for "Deadpool 2," even if it isn't.

"Logan" comes out March 3, but it has already screened for several critics -- who loved it. And not to push the "Deadpool" angle, but the guy happiest about the rave reviews seems to be Ryan Reynolds. He's retweeted a couple of reviews. Maybe it's just his bromance with Hugh Jackman, but maybe it's more.

The critics did not get to see a post-credits scene, but there were reports that Fox added three minutes to the length, fueling rumors of a stinger. Collider went ahead and confirmed there will be a post-credits scene -- although they weren't sure if it would be mid-credits or at the very end. As Collider wrote, "Right now Fox is doing advance screenings for critics without this scene and from what I've been told it won't be shown until opening day. But with the way the internet works, I'm sure someone will leak what it is before it's in theaters, or shortly after the midnight showings on Thursday, March 2nd."

Over at /FILM they didn't sound thrilled with the idea of a post-credits scene since, as they wrote, "'Logan' is the rare superhero movie that feels complete in and of itself. Hugh Jackman has said repeatedly that this will be his last time playing the clawed mutant, and — without getting into spoilers — it's an intensely emotional swan song for his 17-year run. Why muck that up with a wholly unnecessary teaser for another X-Men movie? Or ruin the mood with a cutesy gag?"

There is another "X-Men" movie in the works; Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) just talked about heading out to film it this summer, before she returns to shoot the final season of "Game of Thrones." So it's possible that's what "Logan" will tease. It would make sense, since Logan and Professor X are part of the "X-Men" world. But some of us still hope Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman find a way to continue their Deadpool/Wolverine bromance in one last tender scene.

"Logan" arrives in theaters Friday, March 3.

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