La La LandWith the Oscars set to hand out awards this Sunday, anonymous voters are coming out of the woodwork to say what they really thought of this year's nominees.

Earlier, one voter called Meryl Streep's "Florence Foster Jenkins" performance "like a clown." Now, a second voter has come forward to The Hollywood Reporter with his or her ballot choices.

For Best Picture, the voter "just loved 'Moonlight,'" and said director Barry Jenkins "is really a poet." And unlike the first voter, this one thought "Arrival" was "terrific."

In the acting categories, Voter No. 2 didn't think much of "La La Land" stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, calling the former's performance not Oscar-worthy and criticizing the latter's singing and dancing. "She's not Cyd Charisse or Debbie Reynolds, you know?"

The voter also did not believe Mel Gibson deserving of a nomination for directing "Hacksaw Ridge." "IHe's a talented director, but he wasn't worthy of a nomination for this movie," he or she said, adding, "And I say that totally apart from my personal feelings about him, which aren't supposed to factor in here — although he certainly harbors some prejudices that I don't like and I wouldn't want to have him over for dinner or to marry my daughter."

The Oscars air this Sunday, Feb. 26 on ABC. Here's the full list of nominations.

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