It's time to pick a side: Are you Team Jimmy Kimmel or Team Matt Damon? Kimmel is hosting the Oscars this Sunday, Feb. 26 and you know there's going to be a lot of glaring, cutaways, mean-ish jokes, and other shots fired to continue their ongoing (fake) feud.

Damon already has an Oscar for co-writing "Good Will Hunting," but he's nominated this year as a producer of Best Picture candidate "Manchester by the Sea." Not too long ago, Kimmel said his big hope for the Oscars was just to see Damon lose. Damon shot back that he just hopes Kimmel lives up to his extremely low expectations.

It's on, baby. Kimmel isn't waiting for Sunday to continue the battle. He fired an early shot by adding graffiti to Matt Damon's Oscars seat:

Best Picture Vominee Matt Damon #Oscars

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Vominee! This feud has been going on for years, but it has escalated in the past month. Damon recently snuck his way onto "Jimmy Kimmel Live" dressed as Tom Brady -- Kimmel refuses to allow Damon on the show, so the actor is forced to pull stunts -- and then Damon questioned the paternity of Kimmel's pregnant wife's baby.

We can expect more of that kind of thing Sunday night. From here, it's always welcome. Or, as Pop Sugar put it, "Ryan Murphy's Next Season of Feud Should Be About Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel." DO IT!

The 2017 Academy Awards air Feb. 26 at 8:30 p.m., with pre-show coverage starting at 7 p.m. on ABC. You know what would be great: If Damon went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" for a post-Oscars Mean Tweets segment and read off a mean tweet from Kimmel himself. Just an idea.

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