Oscars 2017 City of Stars La La Land Best SongAnd the 2017 Oscar for Best Song goes to ... "City of Stars," from "La La Land"!

While Ryan Gosling's performance of "City of Stars" may not be as inspiring as "Moana's" "How Far I'll Go," or as dance-inducing as "Trolls'" "Can't Stop the Feeling," it is full of FEELINGS. The sentiment of the song is the emotional anchor of "La La Land," which is likely why Academy voters leaned into it so much. Also, they freakin' loved "La La Land," so there's always that. Justin Hurwitz, who wrote the music, and lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul share the award.

If you haven't seen "La La Land" or heard "City of Stars," you can check out a clip of the song (straight from the movie) right here."La La Land" is in theaters now.