Almost nothing went as planned at the 2017 Oscars, including Jennifer Aniston leaving without her $625 Sama Eyewear sunglasses. She didn't lose them, she gave them to Vicki in that tourist bit, and apparently she thought she'd get them back. Nope!

During the live show, host Jimmy Kimmel surprised tourists with a tour of the Academy Awards theater. When he found out that two of the fans -- Vicki and Gary from Chicago -- were engaged, he asked Aniston to reach into her purse and pull out a "wedding present."

Kimmel suggested Aniston give her sunglasses, and when she pulled out the designer eyewear, and Vicki immediately put them on, Aniston didn't realize that would be the last she'd see of them.

A source told Page Six, it was "supposed to be some kind of skit ... [for Vicki] to wear them like a movie star or something. Then Denzel [Washington] did the 'marriage' on stage, and the glasses were never returned. [...] It just kind of happened — and the woman walked off, keeping the sunnies."

OK, but that's just funny. And, seriously, what sunglasses are worth $625? With all of that "Friends" money, Aniston can definitely afford a new pair, or the company could just give her some. But it's not like she's pushing to get them back, she was just surprised.

Watch the moment play out around the 4:10 mark of this video:The whole Vicki and Gary thing is crazy. They were adorable during the show, with their fake Denzel wedding, but then TMZ revealed that Gary just got out of prison three days before heading to the Oscars. He was in a California prison for 20 years for theft offenses. The backstory is nuts, but now he and Vicki are living large -- and apparently doing it stylishly with Aniston's "wedding gift."

[via: Page Six, TMZ]

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