Scarlett Johansson is hosting "Saturday Night Live" on March 11, with Lorde as musical guest, and she might have overdone her prep work.

The "Ghost in the Shell" star has her own fight training montage in NBC's new promo.

"Hosting 'SNL' is a big deal, and I know how to prepare for a role. I have to look the part. I have to transform my body and my mind."

Yeah, but she didn't really have to go that far for "SNL." The promo ends with Pete Davidson asking Aidy Bryant if all hosts do that. No, Bryant responds, but she's not going to tell Johansson that.

Nice to see more Junior Mints and Red Vines (or did he go with Twizzlers?) after the Oscars. It's also good to see Davidson again, since he had been missing from "SNL" for a while. He explained why he was gone, and why he's back, in a post earlier this week:

"SNL" with Johansson and Lorde airs Saturday, March 11 at 11:29 p.m. on NBC.

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