Amazon is ready to reveal what it calls "the story about the man behind the bunny."

The online retail giant-slash-streamer has released the official trailer for "American Playboy," an upcoming docuseries about Hugh Hefner. As the trailer shows, the series explores the Playboy magazine founder's past from his own perspective. To do so, it offers a mix of dramatic reenactments with Matt Whelan as a younger Hefner, interviews, and footage from his own archive.

Not surprisingly, the trailer has its risqué moments. It flaunts all the stereotypes you probably have about Hefner's lifestyle, from the massive mansion to the partying to the women, with plenty of provocative scenes. Still, the trailer promises that we "don't know the half of it" and teases more insight to come.

This certainly doesn't look like a dry documentary; the series promises to be as attention-grabbing as its subject. See for yourself below.

"American Playboy" begins streaming on Amazon Video on April 7.