Beauty and the BeastDo you want to build a snowman, Belle?

"Beauty and the Beast" — which made all the money this weekend — has it all: lavish sets, gorgeous costumes, incredible special effects, lovely songs. But there was one thing the movie almost had, but didn't wind up including: a "Frozen" Easter Egg.

As star Josh Gad, who plays LeFou, told People, "The Easter egg I fought for [director] Bill Condon to put in but we never did, there's a moment in the original where a bunch of snow falls on LeFou and he becomes a snowman and I thought, this could kill. It's a little meta but it could be great."

Why it's meta: Gad also voiced Olaf the snowman in "Frozen."

It could've worked, since the Beast's castle is stuck in permanent winter. And magic does turn human beings into inanimate objects, even if a snowman isn't quite a household item.

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