Antonio BanderasAntonio Banderas revealed during a press conference this weekend that he had a heart attack in January, but everyone should calm down because it "wasn't serious."

"I had a heart attack on January 26, but I was very lucky, it was benign and it did not leave any damage," the 56-year-old "Zorro" star announced, according to the Spanish news outlet El Pais (via The Wrap).

He described the procedure as "an intervention in which three stents were implanted in my coronary arteries." He also underwent laser surgery to treat an irregular heartbeat. He added, "It has not been as dramatic as it has been written."

According to Us Weekly, the Spanish actor thinks the media has overreacted to the news, saying, "It seems like some media suffered a Heart Press Attack," a play on the name for celebrity gossip media in Spanish.

Banderas dropped the news while promoting the 20th annual Málaga Film Festival in Spain, where he was presented with a lifetime achievement award.

He says he's now on the mend and "wanting to return to work," although intends to tone down his workaholic tendencies.

He's currently filming "Life Itself," a multi-generational story about people's paths crossing from New York to Spain that co-stars Samuel L. Jackson and Olivia Wilde.