Val KilmerCate Blanchett's biggest fan is (who knew?) Val Kilmer. Over the weekend, "The Doors" actor let loose with a series of adoring tweets about the Aussie actress, with whom he briefly shared the screen in 2003's "The Missing."

In a social media blitz that rivals Jim Carrey's declaration of love for Emma Stone, the 57-year-old actor recounted a time he "flew all the way to Australia" to meet the Oscar winner -- only to be met instead by her husband. (She's been married to screenwriter Andrew Upton since 1997.)

He then shared that she's "just as amazing in person" and "so real it's almost unreal."

Next, he marvels at her "dazzling" skill with a shovel.

One Twitter user responded, per Fox News: "Val, She's a married woman. You're coming off a little intense. You don't have to share this all on Twitter. Maybe buy a diary." To which the actor responded, "Nothing in the least creepy about loving someone. What kind of world do you come from?" (One with a little restraint?)

According to Fox News, Kilmer also shared a black-and-white shot of Blanchett, "accompanied by a musing of his own: 'I mean even if she couldn't act you know what I mean?,'" but the tweet appears to have been deleted.

After his Cate-is-great tweets, he next shared his love for Jessica Chastain.

Before the Blanchett lovefest, he retweeted a Yahoo UK story documenting his "bizarre, star-studded stories" on Twitter, including anecdotes about Carly Simon, '60s French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, and Peter Gabriel.

He currently appears in the Terrence Malick film "Song to Song."