Who better to mansplain the concept of mainsplaining than one Erlich Bachman.

The new, full-length trailer for "Silicon Valley" Season 4 has the insufferable Erlich telling Monica and Laurie, "There's something called 'mansplaining,' ladies ... I'm sure you think you know what it is" (cue eye roll.)

The trailer expands on last month's teaser, as we see the Pied Piper team pushing out Richard. He decides to do his own thing and "build a new Internet" with the help of a tech guru played by Haley Joel Osment. And could it be ... could Richard actually make peace with Gavin?!Other highlights: Guilfoyle and Dinesh wearing matching pajamas, and Jared trying to do a verbal drum roll at a presentation.

"Silicon Valley" Season 4 premieres April 23 on HBO.

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