2013 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowIs it 2001 again?

It sure feels like it. ABC has ordered "Boy Bands," a new reality series that will feature aspiring stars competing for five openings in a music group, Variety reports. The singers will all sing for a spot -- not to mention the Hollywood Records contract it comes with -- over the course of the show's 10-episode season.

Viewers will weigh in by voting, and a group of celebrity judges will be the so-called "architects" of the band. The judges will not only evaluate the contestants, they'll serve as mentors. So far, ABC hasn't found its host or judges, but Variety's sources say the network is looking to bring in members of notable boy bands and girl bands.

The judging panel is intended to be made up of a mix of old favorites and more recent hit-makers. We can definitely picture a panel with boy banders past -- namely, former *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys stars. This seems like a great opportunity for ABC to tap into millennial nostalgia, while also throwing in some more current stars.

Look for "Boy Banders" on ABC this summer. Until we know more, bye bye bye.

[via: Variety]