The conflict in the Middle East isn't over, but it's been going on long enough that Hollywood is offering yet another look at it.

Netflix released the latest "War Machine" trailer on Thursday, giving us more of Brad Pitt as Gen. Glenn McMahon. Although his character is fictional, he was reportedly inspired by a real-life four-star general who became embroiled in a very public political controversy while leading troops in Afghanistan. The film shows his rise and fall.

We don't see much of the brewing scandal in the trailer, but it does provide a nice introduction to the character and the historical context. The United States is eight years into its operations in Afghanistan, and they need someone to "clean up the mess." Gen. McMahon is given the job, which turns out to be harder than he seems to have anticipated.

The trailer shows the general as he assumes the position, and an interesting challenge comes early on; we see the character explaining why killing the civilian population is bad for building, protecting, and supporting it. Apparently that doesn't go without saying.

"War Machine" is described as "part reality, part savage parody," and the film is based on late journalist Michael Hastings's book "The Operatores: The Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan."

The war film hits Netflix on May 26.