Marvel is continuing its quest for domination over television with another new series -- this time, it's a comedy and it'll be on Freeform.

The Disney-owned cable network has ordered "New Warriors," a half-hour live-action comedy written by Kevin Biegel ("Cougar Town," "Scrubs"). It joins another Marvel property, the drama "Cloak and Dagger." Both are expected to premiere in 2018.

"New Warriors" follows six young people with powers who live and work together. One of them is Squirrel Girl, aka Doreen Green, a favorite of comic book fans. She has the powers of a squirrel, so she's acrobatic and nimble. She also brims with optimism and helps others believe in themselves.

The group's powers aren't quite "Avengers"-level, and they aren't quite superheroes, but they still want to make a difference in the world. And they also have to deal with the crisis of growing up and becoming adults.

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