You can't text in "The Walking Dead" apocalypse, so sometimes you have to communicate by wooden toy soldier. That's what happened in the Season 7 finale, when Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) picked up a soldier with the note "Didn't Know." Some fans were confused on who sent it, perhaps not recalling the toy soldier Dwight (Austin Amelio) carved in Season 6 when he and Daryl first met.

Dwight knew Daryl would understand that "Didn't know" note was from him. What exactly was he trying to communicate, though? There's a lot that Dwight could and could not have known.

Finale director Greg Nicotero explained the meaning in a talk with Yahoo TV.

"Dwight's obviously the one who knocked the tree over to slow the Saviors. I think what he was saying is that he didn't realize that there was a plan B, that Negan was intending on killing Carl. Dwight needs them to know that he's still on their side. You never really see Dwight firing the gun in that episode at anybody. We kept it purposely vague, but he needs Daryl and everybody there to know that he's still on their side."

From here, it seemed like Dwight might've also been trying to say he didn't know that the Scavengers had a deal with Negan, and maybe he didn't know Sasha was in the coffin either. Dwight has to be careful in his double-agent role so that Negan does not suspect him. Negan now suspects Eugene for giving Sasha pills, but Eugene is very useful to Negan, so it's not likely he'd kill the guy. Dwight, on the other hand, may be viewed as more expendable.

We'll have to wait for October to see the next move in this intriguing All Out War chess game ... with wooden toy soldiers as the pawns.

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