A simple job is going to prove anything but.

Netflix's upcoming war flick "Sand Castle" starts streaming this month, and a new clip, released Tuesday by IGN, sets the stage. In it, we see Henry Cavill, as Special Forces Capt. Syverson, explaining a vital operation to a group of fellow American soldiers. Among them is Private Matt Ocre (Nicholas Hoult), a green serviceman who will experience the realities of war firsthand as they tackle their challenging job.

Syverson makes it seem easy in the clip, though. "Your job is real simple," he says. "You keep that water flowing, win the hearts and minds, and then the Iraqis start pointing fingers and giving me and the boys some targets to hit."

We'll see that there's much more to it then that -- the troops will have to do their best to keep themselves and the village safe.

"Sand Castle" debuts on Netflix on April 21.

[via: IGN/YouTube]