The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - ArrivalsIt seems like Kevin Hart always has another comedy coming out, and that's certainly true right now.

The busy actor has lined up yet another new project; he'll star in Universal Pictures' action-comedy "Night School," Variety reports. His part hasn't been revealed yet, but whatever the role, it's one he's familiar with. Hart co-wrote the screenplay with Harry Ratchford, Joey Wells, and Matt Kellard. Nick Stoller did some additional work on it as well.

The story centers on a group of adults taking night classes so they can earn their GEDs. They're described as a group of "misfits," making the plot a bit reminiscent of the sitcom "Community." Maybe "Night School" will inspire calls for six seasons after the movie.

The movie joins Hart's rapidly growing filmography. He starred in four comedies last year alone and has both "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" and "Jumanji" set for 2017, plus 2018's "Untouchable." We don't know when "Night School" will be released yet, but there will be no Hart shortage in the meantime.

[via: Variety]