Holy mother ... superior.

The first trailer for "The Little Hours" dropped today and it is definitely NSFW. Definitely put earmuffs on any innocent souls, because Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza play foul-mouthed uper raunchy nuns who roll their eyes when a priest lists their sins of "filthy conversation, lustfulness, homosexuality."

The humor mostly seems to derive from the juxtaposition of the religious setting with the profane language. When a local farmer bids the sisters a good morning, Plaza shoots back, "Don't f---ing talk to us!"Dave Franco also stars as a hired hand who's hiding out from a local lord (Nick Offerman), after sleeping with his wife. The highly inappropriate nuns soon begin harassing him and he has to scramble to keep up his disguise as mute and deaf.

"The Little Hours" features quite a few of Hollywood's comedic talent, including Fred Armisen, Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, and Adam Pally. The movie opens in select theaters on June 30.