If you've seen "House of Cards" Season 4 -- and if you haven't, you deserve the very iciest of stares from Claire -- you know it ended with the surprise of both Francis "Frank" Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) staring into the camera. Will Claire continue to break the fourth wall with Frank in Season 5, or was that just a hint to their stronger partnership this year?

Netflix will give us answers when the fifth season starts streaming May 30. In the meantime, Entertainment Weekly debuted a few photos from the new season, showing the Underwoods campaigning for POTUS and Veep. "That's something the show has been building towards for quite some time now," executive producer Melissa James Gibson told EW. "Francis wasn't elected president, so this is the real test: What is the will of the people, and can he work his Machiavellian magic on them?"

Returning for more action are author/hot-piece-on-the-side Tom Yates (Paul Sparks); Underwood rivals Will (Joel Kinnaman) and Hannah Conway (Dominique McElligott); and Team Underwood "frenemies" Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) and Leann Harvey (Neve Campbell).

House Of Cards Season 5Pictured (center):  Kevin Spacey as Francis J. "Frank" Underwood

House Of Cards Season 5Pictured from left:  Kevin Spacey as  Francis J. "Frank" Underwood, Robin Wright as Claire Underwood

House Of Cards Season 5Pictured from left:  Joel Kinnaman as Will Conway, Dominique McElligot as Hannah Conway

House Of Cards Season 5Pictured from left:  Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper, Neve Campbell as LeAnn HarveyGibson told EW, "The battlefield for Season 5 is the American psyche. That may be one parallel with our real world."

"House of Cards" Season 5 will be available for streaming on Netflix on May 30.

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