The Last Ship - 205 - Long Day's Journey TNTThe TNT series "The Last Ship" is on temporary hiatus while star Eric Dane seeks treatment for depression, Variety reports.

The actor, who previously played Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan on "Grey's Anatomy," asked for the break to deal with "personal issues." A rep for the actor told Variety, "He suffers from depression and has asked for a few weeks of downtime and the producers kindly granted that request. He looks forward to returning."

The series, which will debut its fourth season this summer, will reportedly be on production hiatus through Memorial Day. TNT has not commented on the situation.

According to Variety, the show has been shooting its fourth and fifth season, which are 10 episodes each, back to back. Season 4 is reportedly wrapped. The show is currently shooting Season 5, which is scheduled for next summer.

The series, in which Dane plays naval captain Tom Chandler, is one of TNT's top-rated shows.

We wish him all the best.