"The Walking Dead," and many fans were frustrated with Eugene's actions in Season 7. However, some of those "fans" went so far as to send death threats to the actor. McDermitt got so sick of it, he deactivated all of his social media -- Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Before he left, he posted a video mentioning the death threats, and saying he'll report any future threats to the cops; he also suggested whiners just get off the Internet and spend time with their families rather than complaining about everything:

Maybe he took his own advice to just step away from the Internet and spend time with his family. Whatever the case, his true fans are now posting support, hoping he returns to spend time with them, since they have always had his back:

There's a lot more. Maybe that's what McDermitt was waiting for -- to see the outpouring from his real fans, and let them remind the others that threats are not tolerated in the TWD Family.

"The Walking Dead" Season 8 premieres this October.

[h/t: Inquisitr]

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