This Is Us - Season 1Hit NBC drama "This Is Us" continues to break records -- this time after a bidding war for its streaming rights reportedly broke out.

With the network ready to find the show a new digital home, streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu were all interested in landing the popular series. In the end, Hulu was the one to emerge with the prize. The streamer had to pay a huge price tag for the honor, though; THR sources say the deal is record-breaking, with an enormous per-episode fee.

The great thing for fans is that the deal makes "This Is Us" more accessible than ever. Hulu will be able to offer both current and past seasons of the acclaimed show. On top of that, NBC will share the digital rights, so viewers will be able to choose to use either company's online platform and apps to catch up on episodes, depending on which they subscribe to.

"This Is Us" Season 1 ran from late September to mid-March and inspired buzz throughout its run. The emotional roller coaster proved to be addicting, and critics and fans alike sang its praises. The series has already been renewed through Season 3, so Hulu -- just like the rest of us -- clearly hopes the show's momentum will hold.

[via: THR]