"Few things are more beautiful than destruction," says a character in a new trailer for Spike's "The Mist" series, based on Stephen King's story.

Well, we wouldn't say "beautiful" — more like bloody, gory, and super scary. The show centers on a small town, where the residents are trapped by a deadly mist that brings with it some supernatural creatures bent on killing and maiming.

The biggest threat might be the residents themselves, as they start to turn on one another. "Take away food, take away water, and people start doing bad things," someone notes.

The trailer is pretty much non-stop action, and much more visceral than the first trailer. It's clear this summer show is turning up the horror level to 11.

The original story took place within a supermarket, but the show expands it to the entire town, which is a wise choice for a longer series.

"The Mist" premieres June 22 on Spike TV.