Saturday Night Live - Season 42Things are about to get Spicey once again on "Saturday Night Live."

Melissa McCarthy is set to host the late-night sketch comedy series on May 13, so naturally she's bringing back her hilarious Sean Spicer impression. "SNL" released a new promo for the episode Thursday, and it features McCarthy transforming into the White House press secretary, set to the show tune "I Feel Pretty." Unfortunately, we don't get to watch the whole complicated process, but it's still amusing to see McCarthy sit down in the makeup chair as herself and emerge as a surprisingly jovial version of Spicer.

The current "SNL" season has been full of hilarious impersonations of political figures. Big-name stars like McCarthy and Alec Baldwin have seriously committed to their respective roles, returning frequently as Spicer and President Donald Trump. That McCarthy is already busting out her scowl and suit for the episode is no surprise, but it's a treat nonetheless.

The actress will be joined by musical guest Haim when she hosts on May 13. "SNL" airs live on both coasts on Saturdays at 11:35 p.m. ET.