Finding the right emoji to describe the new "Emoji Movie" trailer isn't easy.

Maybe ???? (face without mouth)? Or how about expressionless face ????? There's always thinking face ????, as we consider how this has all come to pass. Or perhaps the ever enigmatic ???? (upside down face).

The trailer shows that this movie is everything we expected from a movie inspired by mini icons used by tweens to avoid actual words. T.J. Miller voices Gene, who is supposed to be a "meh" face, but has more than one emotion inside of him. When he fails to make the correct expression, he's banished to Loser's Lounge, where he befriends a hacker emoji (Anna Faris). Together, they embark on a quest to find the code to fix Gene.

This is a kids' movie, through and through, with a lot of corny sight gags and not-very-subtle poop jokes (Patrick Stewart plays that emoji, sigh).

"The Emoji Movie" opens in theaters July 28.