It's a good day to be a Trekkie.

Fresh off of giving us the first "Star Trek: Discovery" photo (above), CBS has revealed news that fans will find just as exciting: We're getting more episodes of the upcoming series, plus a companion show.

The network has upped the "Star Trek: Discovery" order to 15 episodes, as CBS announced during an upfront presentation Wednesday, according to Deadline. That means we're getting two more episodes than originally planned. On top of that, CBS All Access will stream "Talking Trek," a series that presumably will delve deeper into all things "Discovery." Suddenly, the delays we've been subjected to don't seem so bad -- not when we have more to look forward to.

"Discovery" was initially expected to premiere in early 2017, but its debut was pushed to allow enough time for the show to be made in a way that will do the famed franchise justice. The sixth episode is currently being filmed, and we're looking at a fall premiere date. Now, if only it could just come quicker...

[via: Deadline]